Coroner’s Inquests Upon Death

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We at a law practice of solicitors that focus on coroner’s inquests know how difficult it is to deal with the loss of a loved one. A coroner’s inquest is conducted when the cause of death is unclear and more investigation is required.

If someone dies in Ireland, the law requires an investigation called a coroner’s inquest to establish what happened and how future fatalities might be avoided. The position of Coroner and the inquest procedure were established by the Coroners Act of 1962 in Ireland. If there are any questions about a death that occurred under the Coroner’s jurisdiction, an investigation may be conducted by the Coroner. An inquest’s only focus is on establishing the facts surrounding a death; it is not meant to assign fault or establish legal responsibility.

Our legal business has represented several clients during coroner’s inquests, where we acted in their capacity as solicitors. We realise this is a trying time for the deceased’s loved ones, and we’ll do all in our power to help our customers through it.

The Coroner will hold an inquest to determine the cause of death after hearing testimony from witnesses including doctors and the Garda Sochána. We are a legal practice that will help our clients through an inquest by interpreting the evidence given and looking out for their best interests.

The findings of a coroner’s inquest are not admissible in court and cannot be used to establish civil or criminal responsibility. Nonetheless, it is admissible in both civil and criminal trials as evidence.

Not only do we defend clients in coroner’s inquests, but we also advise them on a broad variety of legal problems surrounding death, including probate and inheritance. Since we know how difficult and upsetting these matters may be for our customers, we focus on getting to know each one individually so that we can better serve their requirements and help them reach their objectives.

To sum up, in Ireland, a death is investigated by a coroner, who issues a report detailing the circumstances of the death and offering suggestions for how such tragedies might be avoided in the future. Our legal company has considerable expertise defending clients during coroner’s inquests, and we will work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the resources, information, and direction they need. Please get in touch if you need legal advice about a death-related matter. Do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.